Welcome to Our Little Home Life!

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Hey y’all! Welcome to Our Little Home Life.

I’m Anna Grace! My fiance Derek and I live in the wonderful south in Mississippi. We live on a 2.5 acre “farmette” with our Goldendoodle Daisy and our Thoroughbred horse Dasha.

Dasha, Anna, Derek, and Daisy

Our house is a small, ranch style home that we’ve loved decorating in the beloved farmhouse style to blend into the land and lifestyle we love. I’ve been trying to do as many DIY projects as I can to give my home a very personalized and custom feel.

I’ve wanted to share my projects with other people who want to decorate their homes on a smaller budget, and that’s where the idea for my blog came from. I want to give people inspiration to make their houses their homes, while also being able to connect with my readers and share little bits and pieces from my life.

I’m also passionate about women being able to look and feel as beautiful as they are on a budget. I love fashion, makeup, and skin care, but I know how expensive it can be. I want to bring affordable solutions to my readers through cute clothes, simple skin care, and beautiful makeup, all on a budget that people can feel comfortable spending.

I look forward to this journey with y’all! I hope you enjoy experiencing Our Little Home Life with us.

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